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“Every day is a challenge to maintain our humanity and our dreams. My job is to somehow gift the world with the courage it takes to follow one’s own heart and path; to play that magic chord in a way that I’ve never played it before, and somehow be of service to myself, my children, my family, my friends, my generation, and the people who truly need something beyond the obvious nonsense that we are all faced with on a daily basis.” - MOF


"... one of the most powerful and personal performances I've ever seen. Michael On Fire lights a room and connects with something deep in the psyche in a way that makes you feel you have known the songs and ranged over the emotion of them for your whole life. Almost his entire playlist clicked open a receptor that made it immediately recognizable.

Over the decades I've seen big acts, major stars, impressive tours, but there is something about Michael on Fire that connects like no other. He is singularly peerless.

- Tom Cochrun, Light Breezes [Cambria, CA.]



Michael, Tompeet and Jack Joshua experiencing the joy of the music at The Ark in Ann Arbor 



New Album
The Solstice Session /
Tracks Along the Way






"a theatrical, emotive, soaring display

of potent songwriting and soulful vocals."

- Glen Starkey, New Times




Michael on Fire: Always Yes

 Always Yes - Michael on Fire