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Michael On Fire: Links

Click Here To Purchase Enchanting Holiday Music

CD baby purchase link for Holiday CD used December 2010 on homepage

Light Breezes

Tom Cocrun - writer, director, photographer

World United Music

Michael On The Web

Michael On Fire on You Tube

Exclusive YouTube channel for the powerful music of Michael On Fire paired with powerful visual treatments

Enchanting Holiday Music on You Tube

YouTube channel devoted entirely to Michael's highly acclaimed Enchanting Holiday Music CD

Enchanting Holiday Music on iTunes

Download Michael's Enchanting Holiday Music CD from iTunes

Michael's instrumental music on You Tube

YouTube channel featuring Michael's magnificent instrumental compositions


The Mint
Los Angeles, CA
The Bugle Boy
LaGrange, TX
Dosey Doe
The Woodlands, TX
KAFM Radio Room
Grand Junction, CO
D Note
Arvada, CO
The Ark
Ann Arbor, MI

Friends and Associates on the web

Tales From The Tavern

"Part conscious raising, part adult education, part U.S. music history … and one of the best small concert venues on the West Coast.”

Gen Lemon

Australian singer actor performer

Childrens Hospital Of Detroit - DMC

Visit the DMC - Childrens Hospital Of Detroit website to listen and download Michael's song "You Would Do Anything For Your Children".
Downloads are free or make a $1.00 donation to benefit the Childrens Hospital

The United Nations Refugee Agency

For those who flee their homes because of war or persecution, the UN refugee agency is often the last hope for a return to a normal life. UNHCR cares for more than 40 million of these uprooted people.

The Weather Channel

Michael's instrumental works have been featured in regular rotation on TWC for over a decade

Jim DiBattista

South Florida singer songwriter

The Global Jazz Project
Muruga Booker
Muruga Booker And The Rainforest Band