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Michael On Fire: Music

My Wilderness Years

(Michael On Fire)
June 19, 2012
Michael On Fire

My Wilderness Years


That mystical place where the elephants die …

That place – of memories

Looks like a place in Florida where the melaleuca trees grow

Bones growing out of the earth

Bleached by the Southern sun

The homeless guy who sleeps in the alley screams to the top of his lungs

You couldn’t live a minute in my world

But I could live a lifetime in yours



And I said - can I help you?

And he said – calm your fears

I’m just passing through

My wilderness years


He lives on the corner

I don’t know where he goes when the blizzards come

I don’t know where he sleeps when it’s raining

He just seems to walk around in paradise

Then he says – you may think that when I say I

That I mean me

When I say I, I don’t mean me

Me is me, and I am I




Perception is everything

Intelligence is a matter of opinion

Beauty is physical fitness

Opinions simply need a witness

The free speech cops have made it tough for me to speak my mind

I’m not into anything

I’m into everything




Repeat chorus – out


© 2012 Michael on Fire