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Michael On Fire: Music

Warm Wind Blowing

(Michael On Fire)
June 19, 2012
Michael on Fire

Warm Winds Blowing


Business is a church

Money is a god

Oil is the army

Consumers are the squad

Fear is the method

Drugs are the tool

Politics the game

Technology the rule



There’s a warm wind blowing through the streets of the world

A warm blowing through the streets of the world


The right side of my heart

The left side of my brain

Shadows of the flags

Poison in the rain

Oxycontin criminals

With medical degrees

Pasteurized and synthesized

The queen can’t find her bees





Throwing rocks from the buildings

Shooting guns in the air

Rogue radiation

In the food everywhere

Looking for a loved one

Who’s been swallowed by the earth

Praying for a miracle

Whatever that’s worth




View the war

From my telephone

Someone’s always watching

And you’re never alone

No one believes in the system

The system is corrupt




© Michael on Fire 2012