1. Santa Ana
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Santa Ana

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from the album, The Solstice Session


I've got a fine fascination for that uptown life,
For those uptown people and those uptown nights,
But my heart was singing and my blue fade away

All the cats in the neighborhood
meet in my yard
Cry in the night time,
make my sleep come hard
But my heart was singing,
and my blues fade away

Oh, oh, oh, those Santa Ana’s
Blow my troubles away

I’ve got a sweet memory
of the place that was my home
L.A., L.A.,
I used to call you my home
My heart was singing, and those winds blowing my blues away


Cousin of thunder
Sister of God,
Blow through my body
Blow through my body

I’m in the city of sunshine,
waiting for the rain
So many people. Nothing to explain
But my heart keeps singing. And my dreams keep fading away