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Evening in the Everglades

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from the album, The Solstice Session


Someone came cut down the trees
killed all the alligators,
what’re we going to do if God gets mad?
Johnny Tiger, Billy Wildcat
ran into the swamp
took with them everything they had

Someone died last February
only found the shoes
ain't no wonder, everything is hungry
oh the smell of mother nature
hanging in my nose
oh the smell of no one else has been there

What you gonna do if you don't have fire
What you gonna do if you don't have food
Evening in the Everglades
Oh how we love
Evening in the Everglades

Spanish Pirates, Spanish Moss
hope we find the treasure
found some comfort from the storm
also found some pleasure
Nights so humid winds so still,
Hurricane is coming
Cypress trees house the Spirit
Seminole are running


Someone gives some great tatoo
then she'll read your fortune
Cast your waters to the wind
Cast your eyes to Neptune
Snakes that walk and bugs that slide
outside the seminary
Dolphins talk Spirit Talk
Ain't no dictionary