from the album, Always Yes


Ain’t got nothing up my sleeve. Ain’t got nothing in my pocket
Got some worn out old blue jeans.
I keep knocking, someone please unlock it
I keep a record of the places, and I think about the faces
of the folks that done me good

Smoking filtered cigarettes. Lost in Vegas making bets
Drinking whiskey feeling blue. I keep wondering what to do
I left a number if you need me. If I’m hungry could you feed me
Could you tell me something new?

Thank God I’m here again – in Marlboro Country

Holiday inns and Texaco gas
When my ship comes in I’m going first class
I gotta keep believing that my blues won’t last

I’ve been hanging round so long, must be doing something wrong
Can’t remember my last fight, must be doing something right
I keep growing, I keep changing, And I’m always rearranging
All the thoughts I have for you

Thank God I’m here again – in Marlboro Country