From the recording Where Dreamers Only Go

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The Wind Still Blows

Stay alive, wear yourself down,
standing at the altar in a wedding gown
Your best friend's hanging from the branch of a tree
I'm glad it ain't you and I'm glad it ain't
Smoke from lands from far away
burned my nostrils yesterday
blood from comrades long since dead
seemed to fill my aching head
That's the way it goes,
and the wind still blows

Join the circus or the rodeo
Get famous and make some dough
the place is too small and we're running out of room
here comes the baby, there goes the boom
Good time Charlie, Happy Jack
all she wants is her lover back
Feed him meat and teach him to growl,
When the moon gets full you can hear him howl
That's the way it goes
and the wind still blows

Crossing t's and dotting i's
when the Spirit speaks you don't ask why
he lost his fast ball, he's hanging up his guns
he just went blind from staring at the sun,
some men follow, some men lead,
all men die and all men bleed,
when you talk you use the word "we,"
but the plain cold truth is hard to see
That's the way it goes,
and the wind still blows