1. No One to Kill

From the recording The Solstice Session

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No One to Kill

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From out of the darkness
Behind my head
I feel something happening
Underneath my bed
The eyes in my face
look from side to side
Why tell me the truth
If there's something to hide

Scream through the galaxy
You need some relief
I'm not one of those
Who pays for belief
The colors are dripping
Off of your face
A choir as big
as the whole human race

Fires burning up in the hills,
All is forgiven, it’s time to heal
All is forgiven, Time to heal

We rang all the bells all over the Earth
We did what we could for whatever that's worth

We burned all the uniforms
Fire for heat
Ain't no other side
Ain't no one to beat
We took all the churches
and gave people homes
We took all the laws
and turned them to poems

Chorus … All is Forgiven