From the recording The Solstice Session

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It Took a Lifetime

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It Took a Lifetime

The scrappers picked the schools clean,
stole the seats and stole the windows,
This city is like a war zone,
You just don't go down there all alone

Came to town, got a room by the airport,
went looking for a beer store
A guy was shot,
stuck a lit cigar into the bullet hole

Ain't no doctor lives inside my body
Ain't no preacher lives inside my soul
It took a lifetime to know the things I know
It took a lifetime

The crooks and the cops are sitting side by side
someone is getting paid to look the other way
a lot of sad people at the happy hour
I didn't eat but I could smell the food


Every day I look to the west
to see what happened yesterday
every morning I look to the east
and breathe the morning sun