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I'll Make You a DFrum

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Many moons many suns over 99 years
The buffalo died on the wise open range
So the great spirit left, so we sell cigarettes
And the warriors dance on the Idaho plains

Will you make me a drum, will you make me a drum
So I can make thunder, and bring back the sun
When the trees come alive, when the deer start to run
When the river gets warm, I’ll make you a drum

I heard sounds in my heart, I felt pain in my ears
The fence made of laws to keep us all here
I will run like the wind, I will fight like a bear
You can’t buy my heart, and you don’t own the air


In a house made of wood, In the shape of a square
My body might be, But my spirit’s not there
In a circle of strength, In a warrior’s will
The sound of the soul, It’s a sound you can feel