From the recording Michael On Fire

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Roland Nevada began his journey
Looking for the Promised Land
He left one day with his dog Caruso
And his trusted friend, Crow Diego
They had no laws but Mother Nature
The only rule was the Golden Rule
Something was wrong, and because they knew it
It was up to them to make it right
Crow Diego had big imagination
Roland Nevada had heart and soul
They laughed so hard, channeling the humor
Laughed so hard they almost died
Wisdom from the miles traveled
Intelligence from pain
Madness from circumstance
In each other’s eyes they saw understanding
realizing they’d both been framed
No lists, no plans to dictate reality
Some things are just meant to be
no lists, no plans to dictate their destiny
Some things are just meant to be
Roland Nevada said I’ve lost my way
I just don’t know where I am
Crow Diego said I know what you mean
But I just don’t care
Roland Nevada outrunning the mosquitos
Crow Diego watching the moon wane
Roland Nevada singing his song
The rain, the rain, the beautiful rain!
Crow Diego said to his kids – it feels like you hate me
They said – it’s not hate,
It’s just that you love us too much