From the recording Michael On Fire

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Sycamore Tommy lives in a tree
Bona fide root man from Tennessee
Mixed his potion into some kind of tea
His time cost money but his skills are free

Who's that lady waiving at the train
50 years through the snow and rain
Everyday she says hello
Southwest Chief LA to Chicago

I'd rather fly over the fire
than walk upon the coals
in this land of enchantment
in this land of lost souls

how can anybody-anytime-anywhere
tell anybody else what to do
need some help, talk to God
is God talking to you?

What is meant by there is no death?
What is meant by eternal consciousness?
Do you believe in ask and you receive?
If there isn't proof can you believe?

is it complicated or simplicity?
am I vibrational electricity?
can I manifest with pure intention?
is necessity the mother of invention?
is there exception to the law of attraction?
quieting the mind, a method of action

doctors drinking carbonated soft drinks
nurses eating candy bars and cookies
don't they know a thing about their bodies
how they gonna heal me if they're killing themselves