From the recording Michael On Fire

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Whatcha gonna do when the sun goes down, and you’re all alone,
and you need a friend?
Whatcha gonna do when your lover goes away?
And whatcha gonna do with your angel eyes,and your healing touch,
and your lilac breath?
Whatcha gonna do with your thoughts of paradise?

Don’t bend my virtue
Don’t whisper in my ear,
Don’t take me down with you
I’ve done this dance before

Whatcha gonna do when the lights go out, and the fire burns
and the cold winds blow?
Whatcha gonna do when you need someone to hold?
And whatcha gonna do if you work too hard, and you need more dough, and you’re burning out?
Whatcha gonna do if you ain’t got time to play?

Whatcha gonna do with your purple pride, and your deep concerns,
and your high ideals?
Whatcha gonna do with your ever-changing mood?
I remember when your hair was long, and your mind was strong,
and your heart was clear,
And I remember when you actually used to laugh.