1. Cadillac Ranch

From the recording Michael On Fire

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On the 45th day of an endless ride
A lot of strength and a lot of pride
Lost my breaks on the great divide
Saw the chupacabra on the mountainside
The lake is dry no ammo in the gun
It’s hot as hell in the Texas sun
The luxury of dreaming, the time to think
A wonderful job living on the brink

Came to town in the blistering heat
There ain’t no people, but the ghosts are sweet
Sittin by the river on a broken branch
Take me back to the Cadillac Ranch

Tired of standing I need a chair
I need some room and I need some air
I ain’t real pretty but I still got hair
It ain’t in style, but who the hell cares?

Just last week I took a dive off a big tall building floor 25
On my way down I thought I might die,
But then and there I started to fly

I’m a hand shaker, not a fist toucher.
I’m a truth teller, not a small talker
I’m a deep hugger, not a sleep walker.
I’m a true feeler. I’m a self healer