From the recording Michael On Fire

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We pulled off of the highway
and weaved our way around
We saw this crowd of people
walking through the town
They carried sticks and crosses,
They were ready for a fight
They said that they were hunting
for the creatures of the night,
Then we wound up at a chapel
where the priest carried a gun
and the sign above the altar said –
we hate everyone
We just did the gig, then packed our things and hit the road
woke up and got ready for another episode
We crossed the frozen mountains,
having reached the pearly gate
The motel where they put us up
was in another state,
Cautiously, we turned the key,
Overcome with dread,
On finding wolverines there,
copulating on the bed,
We took off through the pines
Past the ET landing pad
The hidden tribe we found there
bought up everything we had
It’s easy going down the mountain, but hard stay’n on the road
You trade your house for two wheels, and another episode
We were booked to play Fat Tuesday,
in an upscale club downtown
A krewe of mystic merrymakers
dressed in tie-dyed gowns
Afterward, we went
to an apartment down the hall
To drink some psychedelic potion
from a human skull
Then the whole krewe shaved their heads,
as they prepared for Lent
The Texan sat there chanting,
knowing not what the words meant
They carried out the image of a bull with eyes that glowed
Mystery and magic, and another episode
We were playing in the basement,
it was busting at the seams
Drunken hoards in search of love,
others chasing dreams
The liquor flowed like water,
drinks were lined up on the shelf
The director of security
had to 86 himself
Then he burst in before sunrise,
and he dragged us from our sleep
Screaming we must hurry,
then we took off in his jeep,
next thing, we were sailing miles above on heaven’s road,
floating in an air-balloon, a precious episode
We ferried out across the lake,
The equipment on a cart,
When we had to drag it up the hill,
it almost broke my heart,
We played all night, and at the end
She fanned herself with cash,
And as we starved they took the food
and threw it in the trash
I fell asleep, though not too deep
In prayer’s a peaceful place
But when I opened up my eyes
A bat was in my face
Native tribes from all around played drums in secret code
I couldn’t wait to leave, to start another episode
All the characters we’ve met
on this journey we’ve been on
Eight of the Apostles,
White Fang, and St. Germain
Ramblin’ Jack, and Chief Targhee,
And a friend of Al Capone,
A psychic who would channel,
in the shower on the phone
A sheriff and an outlaw,
The whistler on the dock,
The brightest stars of Hollywood,
and the biggest names in Rock
Bald eagles and a hummingbird,
Dead bodies on the road
Another day, another town, another episode